Can I Enquire for debt consolidation for secured and unsecured loans?

I already have defaults on my loans, is that a problem.
We can help in most cases regardless of defaults.

I do not own property, house, etc. Can I still Enquire for debt consolidation.

What is the maximum time I can have a loan for?
5 years.

What would my monthly repayments be?
Depend on the interest rate and the amount of the loan. Click on calculator link to find out your monthly repayments.

My company / business is in debt, can you provide assistance?
If you run your own business or company and are in debt, it’s important you contact us, so we may access your situation and provide you with all available options.

These options may include:

1. A simple informal negotiation with one or more of your creditors (including the Australian Taxation Office);

2. Providing your business or company with a business term loan which may assist you in restructuring your debt and in turn make it more manageable;

3. A refinancing of your existing plant and equipment or other business assets;

4. Providing your business or company with a factoring facility, which can help improve your cash flow by providing an immediate injection of cash against the value of your outstanding invoices;

5. Introducing you to parties that may wish to inject capital into your business as an equity partner.

Alternatively, as a last resort, if your business or company is insolvent we may be able to assist you with either a voluntary administration or liquidation of your company.