Debt Consolidation Info

Debt Consolidation – What is Involved When Consolidating Debts

Debt consolidation is a preferred option when looking to save money. Debt agreement, personal insolvency and bankruptcy offer more options to people already in financial trouble. Read more about consolidating your debts

How to Reduce Your Debt with Debt Consolidation

While to some consumers the advantages of debt consolidation may sound like they are too good to be true, an in depth examination of this debt management tool reveals some startling findings. Read more about reducing your debts

Debt Management

Debt management is a personal skill, developed through personal responsibility. It requires a mild knowledge of finance and a strong knowledge of planning. Debt can be useful or overwhelming, and debt management will determine that outcome. Read more about debt management

Credit Card Management

Total Australian credit card debt in April 2009 has passed $45.4 billion. This is equal to an average debt of $3149 for every cardholder in Australia. Some people have only a couple of hundred dollars of debt on their credit cards but some have $40,000 or more. Read more about credit card management

Personal lending debt versus real estate lending

According to the Bureau of Statistics latest figures for May 2009, personal loans fell 2.9 per cent overall to just over $6 billion. In the same month credit card borrowing fell 4.8 per cent. This trend indicates that Australians are becoming more careful with their debt. Read more about personal and real estate lending debt

Consolidating personal loans into your home loan

Most of people have several personal loans. By consolidating all those loans and credit cards into your home loan you will achieve a significant reduction in your monthly repayments. Read more about consolidating personal debts into your home loan

Debt agreement

Some people are in a big financial trouble and a standard debt consolidation is not a possibility. In this case a debt agreement may be an option to consider. Read more about debt agreement

Debt negotiation

A debt specialist can renegotiate the amount of money you owe to your creditors. In some cases debt negotiation can reduce your total debt by 40% and help you to manage your debts much easier. Read more about debt negotiation

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