Debt negotiation

The economy has slowed and many people are falling into difficult financial situations. Constant accumulation of interest on existing loans and credit cards, bank fees and late payment penalties contribute to the pressure of managing debt on time. On top of this, other bills have to be paid as well. Utility bills such as phone, electricity and water, also memberships, pay TV, school fees, etc. can put a strain on the wallet.

Late payments, credit card interest, and mounting bills may mean that debt collectors eventually become involved. If this sounds too familiar you may need financial help.

Debt negotiation could be the solution for your monetary problems. When taking this option, a skilled debt negotiator contacts all of the creditors and banks that you owe money to, and re-negotiates the total amount of your debt. The aim is to allow lower monthly repayments.

Why would your creditors agree to reduce your repayments? If they see that you are not able to pay your debts and that you may even declare bankruptcy, your creditors will be happy to recover at least part of the money you owe them. This option is much better for your creditors than the possibility of them receiving nothing at all. In some cases debt negotiation can reduce your total debt by 40%.

This means, for example, that a debt of $30,000 could be reduced by $12,000 down to $18,000, making your debt much easier to manage. You could contact your creditors directly and try to re-negotiate your debt or you could use the services of a debt negotiation specialist.

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