Debt consolidation loan

Debt problems can be solved simply by consolidation of your existing debts. You don't need a mortgage to be able to consolidate your debt. However, if you do have a mortgage, your existing debt from personal loans and credit cards can be incorporated into your mortgage at a much better interest rate. Consolidation will reduce your interest rate overall, and in this way save you money. Consolidation of your debt into your existing mortgage is most effective for larger amounts of money. For smaller amounts of money, consolidation of your loans into a single personal loan is the best solution. In most cases, there are several solutions to help you with your finance. Your chances to obtain a finance are much greater when enquiring with us than when enquiring with a single financial institution. The reason for this is that each financial institution has its own loan criteria and guidelines. If your loan application does not fit their guidelines it will most likely be refused. On the other hand we can match your loan application with the most suitable lender before we even submit your application.

Bad credit & defaults are OK

We can help you even if you have a bad credit rating and defaults against your name.

One single loan

Only one easy loan consolidation payment per month. No need to keep a track of multiple loan payments.

Free, no obligation enquiry

Fill out our online form and one of our debt consolidation experts will contact you at your convenience.

Lower interest rate

The overall interest rate will be lower than your current interest payments.

Save money

Reduce your monthly payments by up to 40%. One loan + lower interest rate + smaller monthly payment = money saved.

Smaller monthly repayments

Combining all your loans and debt into a single loan will result in smaller monthly payments.

Consolidate all your loans & debts now!

Stop worrying about your finances. Contact one of our debt consolidation experts for a solution to your debt problems.